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North Central Texas College
Graduation Ceremony -- Brass Band registration & information


Friday, May 5, 2023

UNT Coliseum (“Super Pit”)

601 N Texas Blvd, Denton, TX 76201              

Use the large parking lot nearby the coliseum/auditorium



4:45 PM rehearsal begins

5:30 PM performance begins

6:00 PM ceremony begins

7:30 PM ceremony concludes

Our group will be performing before and after the ceremony, and we will combine with the choir/audience to perform the Star-Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful. We will NOT be playing Pomp and Circumstance.


Each participating musician will receive $75 honorarium; W-9 forms must be completed and e-mailed to BEFORE APRIL 26 to receive payment from North Central Texas College. 


Literature to be performed

Click to see folder with your part and to listen to recordings of the music.

A printed copy will be provided for you at graduation. 


Star-Spangled Banner, arr. Stanton

March of the Majestics, Sheldon

Appalachian Song Set, Singletary

Highland Folkways, Singletary

An American Fanfare, Singletary

Patriotic Medley, Singletary

America the Beautiful, arr. Carmen Dragon




Bradley Swanson

Aleyna Ashenfarb

Guillermo VillaG

Remy Gilboe


John Pickett

Emily Lynn

Mary Haddix

Zachary McKinon


Blaine Brubaker

Samuel Shapiro

Patrick Riley

Ian Calhoun


Dax Stokes


Eric Sturdivant

Thomas Oakley

Brad Winders


Ken Poland

Kayla Liptak

Megan Campbell


Brass Band Registration

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